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The tablers this year are:
Die Tische in diesem Jahr:


Annie Good (Berlin)
I’m publishing spontaneous, low budget mini- and micro-zines on whatever comes to my mind. I have one on accountability, one on not fitting into queer scene dating norms, one about fat and I’m working on one about crying in public.

Asparagus Plumosa (Thessaloniki)
I sign my zines as „Asparagus plumosa“ and my content is about feminism, queerness, body- and self-positivity, personal stories and more.
I make mini zines and bigger ones, stickers, prints and little notebooks!

Bear City Roller Derby (Berlin)
Roller Derby is a women*s full-contact sport on rollerskates. Based on feminist DIY culture, Bear City is the biggest derby league (club) in Berlin. On Queer Zinefest Berlin our players will be happily telling you about the sport and our community, show you our merch and even present our very first zine!

_clarix (Berlin)
I make zines about things I feel. I share my personal experiences and try to find connections with feminism, mental health, and body positivity. I write about being Jewish and I want to find out what exactly that means to me.

Ethical Sloth (Berlin)
Queer diy comic zine.

Freddy Frost (Berlin)
Gender ohne Körper – Zine

Glitza Glitza (Berlin)
glitza glitza produziert postkarten, buttons, t-shirts und vieles mehr mit queeren und feministischen inhalten.

Guy Fogel (Berlin)
„Sonica” is a light-hearted superhero comic book series about Sonya Sol, a teenage girl and her pet dog Sookie, who both gain the same unique set of super-powers: Each time they hear music of a certain genre, the gain a certain power.

Jo No Mercy (Berlin)
I make perzines and zines with my fiction inside Some of my zines have dealt with
grief, panic attacks, alcohol abuse and sobriety, feminist issues, sexual
assault, and recently I’ve decided to release a queer zombie novel as a series of
zines called „Kein Zombie“.

m & m (Braunschweig & Bremen)
a Manifesto for Embodying Power with Care (generated by members of the ‚Faking it ‚til we’re making it‘ workshop with Eroca Nicols at Impulstanz Festival, Vienna 2015)
– Micro Zyklust 1-4 (is a series of micro comics dealing with menstruation, super heroes and the female cycle)
– illustrative Drucke, selbstpublizierte Bücher, Hefte, Sticker mit verschiedenen Themen. (Unterhaltung, Alltag, seriöse Themen)
Darunter ein aktuelles Mini-Zine mit dem Titel „your desire is my burden“ und den Themen asexuality, demisexuality, graysexuality, in dem sowohl Illustration als auch Text enthalten sind.

Merfemme Distro (Berlin)
Merfemme distro features zines by queers, dealing with different topics, like being crazy, disabled, trying to live radical vulnerability and radical softness, practicing self care and self love.
It is about struggling, coping, failing and succeeding. About trauma, processing and trying to survive this world.
It is run by a white non binary femme. Struggling with cptsd, bpd and depression on top of other annoying stuff. Their plants, two pugs and fairylights keep them alive. Oh, and making zines ofc!

Queerfeminist art and silkscreen about body-love, self-love and failure
Queerfeministische Kunst und Siebdruck zu positiven Körperbildern, Selbstliebe und Versagen

queer trash distro (Berlin)
zines von queers und trans leuten an zu den themen queer resistance, neurodivergenz, körper, trans-sein, sucht, behinderung, asexualität und viel mehr

SchwarzRund (Berlin)
SchwarzRund kam als Schwarze Deutsche Dominikaner*in mit drei Jahren nach Bremen, lebt seit fast zehn Jahren in Berlin. Seit 2013 publiziert sie auf ihrem Blog und in diversen Magazinen.
Mehrdimensionale Lebensrealitäten inner- und außerhalb von Communitys verhandelt sie in Performance-Texten,
Bildern, Vorträgen und Zines.

Steph Anima (Berlin)
begeisterte sich schon als Kind für Comics und Cartoons und arbeitet in ihrer Freizeit an verschiedenen Comic-Projekten, die überwiegend aus der eigenen Lebenserfahrung inspiriert werden.
Ob es nun um kleine Bugs geht, die Programmierer in den Wahnsinn treiben; um das leidvolle Leben mit unzähligen Allergien oder viele andere (un)gewöhnliche Geschichten aus dem Alltag, stellt sich am Ende doch die Frage: was ist eigentlich „normal“?

Świnka’s Gang (Berlin)
We are a collection of zinester who write about different subjects and collaborate.
We like to leave some space on our table for friends who write their zines just in
time for zinefests.
Wir sind eine Kollektion von Zinestern, die über verschiedene Themen schreiben und
kollaborieren. Wir lassen immer auch etwas Platz auf unserem Tisch für Freunde, die
ihre Zines erst kurz vorm Zinefest schreiben.

Transnational Queer Underground & Tom Moore (Berlin)
Transnational Queer Underground is an online platform that brings together writers, artist and activists to create collaborate on different projects. We host photo competitions, exhibitions, publish stories, poems and much more. We’ll be bringing some zines, patches and stickers and are also happy to talk to anyone who’s interested in joining or contributing. 
Tom Moore is a multidisciplinary artist. Their zines cover topics including monsters, the art market, pop music, the FBI, football players and wasps.

trauma_ transformation Zines (Berlin)

Yori Gagarim (Berlin)
Recent Publications: 
Why I Stopped Making Merch for a Revolution That Does not Happen. (No Artwork Included)
OFF-THE-ROKKET (Queer) Pin-ups and Other Suspects – Explicit Pictures“
Illustrationen und Sticker/Poster für FaulenzA „Support your sisters not your cisters“

Zola Gorgon/Sexliga Häxliga/ My Shitty World
Varied, surreal, and sometimes horrifying art zines, exploring the tension between pain and absurdity, disgust and desire, the beautiful and the nasty.